Breathing Life into Brands

Designing Harmony.


In a world where well-being and design intersect, we stand as the architect of this confluence. For Equilibro, a beacon of holistic healing, we sculpted a brand identity that mirrors their ethos of breathwork and tranquility. Our canvas was broad, painting a brand story that stretches from the serene logo to the soothing hues of the website, each stroke meticulously curated to resonate with the soulful journey of healing.


Our commitment to Equilibro’s vision was unwavering as we weaved their narrative into every facet of the brand. The website, a digital haven, was crafted to guide visitors through the transformative realms of BRTT & TRB breathwork. With intuitive design and immersive content, we created a sanctuary that invites exploration and promises a voyage towards inner harmony.

Crafting the Customer Journey.


Our expertise shone in the orchestration of Equilibro’s visual symphony. The photoshoot was a dance of light and shadow, capturing the essence of the practitioner and their healing spaces. These images are not mere visuals; they are the storytellers, embodying the spirit of Equilibro’s mission and the profound impact of their work.


The branding journey for Equilibro was holistic, mirroring their own approach to healing. We designed an e-book that serves as a beacon of knowledge, adorned with graphics that breathe life into the text. This e-book, a testament to our comprehensive service, stands as a guide for those embarking on their breathwork journey.

At Tomeci, we believe that a brand’s essence should be palpable across all touchpoints. Our styling and color guidance for Equilibro ensured a consistent narrative, one that speaks in calm whispers of rejuvenation and balance. The result is a seamless tapestry of brand elements that harmonize beautifully with their message of holistic healing.


The logo we envisioned for Equilibro is a symbol of their core principles—balance, breath, and transformation. It’s a visual anchor that draws one into the depth of their practice, a seal of authenticity that stands for their commitment to holistic wellness.


Our marketing plan for Equilibro was a blueprint for growth, tailored to their unique position in the healing industry. We laid out a strategy that amplifies their voice, ensuring that their message of healing and balance reaches those in need, fostering a community around the power of breath.

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