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Challenges of Wrapping Design

Designing a full wrap for multiple MAN van models and body types required meticulous planning and attention to detail. The challenge lay not only in creating a visually striking design that embodied the Breex brand but also in ensuring practicality and safety. Reflective wraps were strategically utilized to maximize visibility, particularly during nighttime deliveries.

Each van’s unique dimensions and features demanded a tailored approach to ensure a perfect fit and seamless appearance. The final result is a fleet of delivery vans that not only grab attention on the road but also communicate Breex’s commitment to excellence. This project exemplifies how effective vehicle wrapping can elevate brand visibility, driving home the message that Breex delivers quality and reliability with every shipment. Photographing these aerial ballets demands split-second timing and an acute understanding of the aircraft’s flight paths. It’s about capturing the synergy between man and machine as these pilots execute hairpin turns, daring rolls, and breathtaking formations. Join us in celebrating the Patrouille Suisse’s airborne artistry and the unique beauty of their performances, where precision meets passion in the sky.





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